A climate strategy platform to manage emissions and climate risks
Helping organisations take decisive action and create value through accelerating the transition to net zero

ORCA enables the transition to Net Zero

ORCA is a platform that simplifies climate informed decision making. ORCA manages climate change risks, opportunities and alignment with your net zero commitments.

ORCA assembles in house, proprietary and third party climate data flows to track progress and inform decisions and report to stakeholders.

Our mission is to support the transition to net zero by helping investors, businesses and government leaders translate ambition into strategy into action.

Why ORCA is different

More than a climate data tool, ORCA is a climate strategy platform that enables action.

Unlisted assets make up 20% of Australian superfund assets.  The nature of these assets, such as ports, airports, pipelines and real estate, are typically highly exposed to climate change risks with substantial carbon footprints. They are also much less liquid than listed equites and likely to be in portfolios for decades. 

ORCA enables investors to manage and effectively influence these assets to mitigate climate risk, genuinely decarbonise and continue creating value through the climate transition. 

Unlisted Assets

Unlisted assets make up 20% of Australian superfund portfolios and are typically highly exposed to climate risk and emissions, are far less liquid, and are directly influenceable by investors via ownership rights. ORCA specialises in unlisted assets, with proprietary models and expert analysis.

Long-Term Projections

ORCA helps you understand of where you're heading or if you're on track to meet your commitments and mitigate upcoming risks. ORCA provides projections across multiple scenarios out to 2050.

Whole of Portfolio Visibility

Large volumes of climate data can vary in form, source and quality which can be challenging to correlate and digest. ORCA integrates this climate data and fills the gaps into a single flexible and interactive dashboard to allow insights and comparison across the whole of a client’s portfolio.

Actionable Outputs

The ORCA platform is transparent, granular and interrogatable, enabling users to identify and prioritise exactly which assets present issues and what action is required to decarbonise, mitigate risk and create value.

Our Products

ORCA supports clients to assess, plan and track their path to Net Zero by 2050. Get expert analysis and deep insight into your asset data to best navigate the climate transition for your organisation.



Economy model for governments and policy makers

- Track long term emissions pathways & climate commitments

- Develop and test the impact of programs or policy

- Evaluate cost / benefits

- Consider alternative scenarios for sectors, carbon markets and climate change

- Stay up to date on policy and regulatory changes

- Monitor news and announcements


Investment model for funds and asset managers

- Assess climate risks and net zero glide paths

- Compare geographies, sectors, portfolios, asset types

- Consider impact of alternative scenarios & strategies

- Undertake due diligence assessments

- Enable better investment decision making

- Confidence in achieving targets


Facility model for

- Develop Scope 1, 2, 3 baselines

- Financially assess physical, transition and liability risks and opportunities

- Track performance against benchmarks

- Undertake what if analysis

- Consider the impact of policy, technology, costs and market conditions

- Estimate the impact of abatement strategies

Our climate data insights

Geographical regions
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Climate scenarios to 2050
Various asset types
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ORCA Capabilities

ORCA evolves to your needs

ORCA is a flexible platform, with a modular offering and customisable dashboards.

We bring together a sophisticated emissions model, transition risk analysis from climate experts, and your own climate databases to help you answer the questions you are facing right now.

Do you want to better monitor, manage and report your climate commitments?


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